Body Restoration was born as a result of the lack of high-quality, all-natural products and whole food supplements in Barbados. Founded in 2009, we have a very simple, yet caring philosophy…”living good starts with good food”. It feeds us physically, mentally and emotionally. We strive to create a better world through healthy, premium products that are safe and highly effective at restoring your body and maintaining your health and wellness.

I personally had a challenge finding the products that I desired and found myself having to compromise. At this point, I decided to begin sourcing online and importing the brands and products that I had spent so much time researching… fast forward 10 years and Barbados’s best-kept secret was born! Body Restoration is a boutique health shop featuring all my favourite brands! We keep updated on what is new and trending and are consistently trying new things on the market, once they are up to standard. If you need specific "hard-to-find" ingredients for healthy recipes, this is the place to look.
You can find something for almost every meal plan including keto, gluten-free, paleo, vegan, pegan and overall healthier alternatives. If you are not following a particular diet but your goal is to eat cleaner and have less processed foods i.e. chemicals/preservatives in your diet, Body Restoration is your shop! Many visitors to the island are pleasantly surprised to find their favourite brands at Body Restoration.
I carefully take the time to source each and every product and most importantly, read the ingredients labels. If it is one thing that frustrates me the most is false advertising! I never read the front label! That is rule number one! Go straight to the back and read the ingredients list. You will be surprised how tricky mainstream brands can be!
Body Restoration’s storefront is very quaint and discreetly situated behind the Rubis Gas Station in Holetown but carries a wide range of high quality, natural health products/whole food supplements to restore your body temple from within! Our focus is on the best brands available rather than multiple commercial brands.  Quality not branding is what we look for – the fewer ingredients the better! I don’t sell anything I don’t believe in, our customers know this and trust us. To me, this is very important and I strive to keep it this way.
I believe we are lucky to be living in a time when there is so much accessible information about health and nutrition. Rather than get frustrated about it, embrace it and find the lifestyle that suits you best. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see how your body reacts. Your body will tell you what it needs, you just need to listen. If you want great health and vibrancy the reality is you have to put in the work. The best advice I can give is to take the time to connect with your body and discover what works for you. Give yourself enough love to stay the course and be committed to living well. You owe it to yourself. Nobody can do that for you.
As a certified health coach, my life-long interest in nutrition and consistent research has laid a good foundation for sourcing some of the best products the world has to offer!
Our team at Body Restoration looks forward to helping you feel and look your best with our finest selection of products.
- Nicha